Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my first Author Reach blog post. My name is Hannah Howe and I live in the picturesque county of Glamorgan with my long-term partner and our two children. I have a university degree and a background in psychology, which I use as a basis for my novels. I began my writing career at school when my teacher asked me to write the school play. I have been writing ever since. When not writing, I enjoy reading, genealogy, chess and music. I also have a deep knowledge of 1960s and 1970s popular culture and I'm a keen student of the private detective novel and its history.

As I write these words, my novel Sam's Song is #1 on the Amazon private detective chart for the fifth time in the past year. Next week, Digging in the Dirt, book twelve in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, will be published along with the audio book of Family Honour, book seven in the series. The Sam Smith Mystery Series is a character-driven series about Samantha Smith, a woman overcoming the effects of childhood trauma and an abusive ex-husband while trying to make a living as a private detective. The series explores a number of adult themes, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, drug addiction, racism and alcoholism.


In the future I intend to write more books in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, produce more audio books with my narrator, Suzan Lynn Lorraine, and develop a number of mini-series. The first mini-series, Ann's War, will be set in 1944-5. Betrayal, the first book in this mystery series, will be published in November.


Thank you for your interest in my Author Reach website. Please check out my books and consider subscribing to my Mailing List to receive news of free and special offers, including a free copy of Betrayal on publication. Here is the Mailing List link https://hannah-howe.authorreach.com/lead/b27e0c89